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Available in person and online

I am absolutely thrilled to be bringing Restore Your Core to the Champaign-Urbana area.

RYC is a progressive, whole-body exercise system designed to train the core and pelvic floor to work reflexively with all life throws at us. Based in yoga, pilates, and functional strength training, RYC is accessible for people of all fitness abilities and backgrounds, even those who’ve never worked out before!

Who is Restore Your Core For?

  • Postpartum people of ANY age who are looking to regain their core integrity after the changes of the childbearing year(s)
  • Athletes looking for a new approach to core training to support their fitness or performance goals.
  • Anyone looking for a mindful exercise class that helps you connect with your body.

My first 4-6 week Restore Your Core series starts this September. Stay tuned for more details!